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Knowledgebase: Resource Central
Resource Central - Limitations and known issues


Forms - Not storing updates in forms

Updating Forms will not have effect on the backend order form used by service providers

Result: Service Provider cannot change an order as the buttons "Update" and "Update and send email" will not respond.

Workaround: Do not do change in order forms until next release. If you already have an issue with your forms on Hotfix 1 please do contact Support for assistance. We will decommision Resource Central 4.1 Hotfix 1 to make sure that no customer will face this issue.

Status: Fix found and will be released with Service Release 3.


Mac Outlook Add-In - Not loading resources

When creating a new meeting with no attendees or rooms added, the resource list will not load when opening the Outlook Add-In.

This is due to a bug in the Microsoft Outlook Add-In API occuring in latest update for the Mac platform.

We have tested pre-release version of the API, where this is fixed.

Workaround: E.g. add your attendees before opening the Resource Finder Outlook Add-in for Mac to load the list of resources correctly

Status: Awaiting MS fix of bug with new release


Installation issue - Malformed Html in Forms

The issue can occur if Resource Central contain Forms with malformed Html as a result of manual changes directly in the source code of the form. This impacts the upgrade process to Hotfix 1. It is a problem with older forms created on Resource Central 3.8 or older. In the older HTML editor end tags was not automatically inserted if forgotten by the person changing the html. This can happen by using other editors not making sure, that the syntax is well-formed with end tags and the html is then saved from the source code view.

Workaround: When having Forms with malformed html a way to ensure consistancy is to go to each form in the 4.0 version before upgrading to 4.1 HF1 and press save on each form. If you are upgrading from e.g. 3.7 or 3.8, first install 4.0 and save the forms and then upgrade to Hotfix 1. 4.0 Hotfix 7 can be downloaded from the website or maintenance portal. 

Status: Hotfix 1 Package will be available through support only to ensure awareness of potential issue throught out July. Later versions of Resource Central will include a check of existing forms during installation process.


Error displayed in Sync Exch. Status

An error is show in Sync Exch. Status column in Back end Resource View after upgrade of Resource Central and Realtime Service. When you upgrade an existing Resource Central installation to 4.1 Service Release 1, then a new service (Resource Central Permission Service) is added. This service does not have a valid configuration by default, and lacks the DB connection set for the existing RC installation.

Workaround: The solution is to open Resource Central configuration tool, and configure the db connection for this service

Status: Solved in Service Release 2.


Resource info not moved to meeting invite

In RC 4.0 Hotfix 5 the parameter meetinginvite.resourceinfo.enable is defect so resource information is not transfered to the meeting invite body.

Workaround:  Install the file resourceinfo.asmx in into "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ResourceCentral\Webservice". The file can be downloaded from

Status: Fixed in RC4.0 Hotfix 6, RC4.1 Service Release 1.

Reference: #179849


Upgrade issue: Affecting customers utilizing SQL 2012 and SQL 2012R2

When upgrading to the latest build HF4, customers using the above SQL platforms will experience the below issue.

“Error: Incorrect syntax near 'INDEX'. If this is intended as a part of a table hint, A WITH keyword and parenthesis are now required.”

The issue is not critical as this is only an index cannot be created. Its purpose is to improve the performance of the solution.

Status: Solved in Version 4.0.0009.0024 Hotfix 4 update.



Change reservation email on new order

For tentative appointments, RealTime Service sometimes makes a double push notification from Exchange to Resource Central. This results in an extra changed reservation to organizer and service provider when making a new order or when Tentative.sofflow=1 and organizer does not include a shared order in the new order.

Workaround: None

Status: Under investigation in Realtime Service.

Reference: #170176


Resource Finder - Out of Memory error

For some On-Premise users on Outlook 2013 & 2016 32 bit, Resource Finder is terminated before it opens. A warning on an "Out of memory" error is presented either as a dialogue or in the event viewer.

Status: Solved. Improvements to the error is released in Addin version 4.00.0137. Over a longer period, the Addin has been test at different customers, who experienced this error. The error has not occurred again.

Reference: #149840, 161268, 161336


Buffer time on Virtual resources not working

Buffer time on Virtual resources does not work in RC4.0

Workaround: None

Status: Solved in RC4.0 Hotfix 3

Reference: #150440

Not able to use SSO (Single sign-on)

Using Active Directory authentication for automatic login to Resource Central backend does currently not work.

Workaround: None

Status: Solved in RC4.0 Service Release 3

Reference: #118431

Customized reports

Customers with such reports can subscribe to our Custom Report Maintenance Program. A subscription guarantee that the reports by default are validated to work on newer Resource Central service releases and major upgrades.

Customers without a subscription are welcome to contact Add-On products support for further information or to order an analysis of your reports.

Booking of Virtual Resources or Shared Order Form with Exchange delegate is not supported for multiple resources.

Having a virtual resource where one or more of the child resources have an Exchange delegate is not supported.

Status: Solved in 3.8 SR2 and 4.0 SR2

Reference: #68943.