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Knowledgebase: Resource Central
KB0056 - Script error when too much data attempted to load into ResourceFinder



In Outlook, when you click ResourceFinder, a message appears:

If you select YES, another popup message shows up as shown in the following figure:



This error message appears because some scripts may take an excessive amount of time to run, Internet Explorer prompts the user to decide whether to continue running the slow script.



  • Option 1: Change the page size for ResourceFinder to 25 or lower (it is 40 by default). This way less data is loaded into ResourceFinder.
  • Option 2: Upgrade to RC 3.8 HotFix 3 to improve loading data performance.


Additional information

The ResourceFinder web application hosts a WebBrowser Control. By default this implies that ResourceFinder displays contents in Internet Explorer (IE) 7 execution mode. IE 8 and onward support higher execution modes, which improve performance on the issue observed in this article.

If you are allowed or have the opportunity to modify the registry entry in your computer, then you can modify the IE execution mode to improve load performance.

Important note:

Changing IE execution mode can have some impacts on the installed web applications, which are:

  • Some components might not work: text box, drop down list, HTML form, etc.
  • Some Java Scripts do not work

→ The web application cannot work as expected.

Edit registry to use Feature Browser Emulation mode:

- Open Registry Editor.

- Go to the following destination:

By default, Browser Emulation key is located here:

32-bit Windows


64-bit Windows


Alternatively, the Browser Emulation key might also exist in:

32-bit Windows


64-bit Windows

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MAIN\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION]

- Create a new key with DWORD (32-bit) Value

-          Enter the appropriate value to the “Value date” field based on the version of Internet Explorer 8 execution mode:



8000 (0x1F40)

Webpages containing standards-based !DOCTYPE directives are displayed in IE8 mode. Default value for Internet Explorer 8

Important: In Internet Explorer 10, Webpages containing standards-based !DOCTYPE directives are displayed in IE10 Standards mode.

Click [OK], close Registry Editor and restart Outlook.

Note: To achieve the most in improving performance, you should also upgrade to RC 3.8 HF3 in addition to changing IE execution mode.



Applies to: All versions of RC

Reference: TFS #8793; 56566

Knowledge base ID: 0056

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016