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Knowledgebase: Resource Central
KB0113 - Description section of a Resource does not support HTML



Prior to RC 3.7.10, you could put a HTML link into the Description section of a resource and the content of the link was displayed:

With RC 3.7.10 this function does not work and it only displays exactly what you enter into Description section:



Some places in the RC code prior to 3.7.10 did not encode html/JavaScript or special texts. This could cause unexpected issues or broken JavaScript functions. This is changed in RC 3.7.10.



You can use the “Rich Description” function when configuring a resource in RC backend.

The content you create in this “Rich Description” area will be displayed in “Further details” area when you click this resource to see its details in ResourceFinder:

You can also insert link to the text in the “Rich Description” area.

For example, if you want to insert a link to a PDF file. You can do that by highlighting the text, then click [Link] icon on the toolbar:

The Link window opens:

Click [Browser Server] to select the file in the computer or enter the link to the file in “URL” field.

After saving, the link appears when you select that resource in Resource Finder:

Click the link, and the PDF file will be opened in the way you setup in the Link window:

Note: To open the file in the above manner, Adobe PDF Reader is required.



Applies to: RC3.7.10 and onwards

Reference: TFS #15336

Knowledge base ID: 0113

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016