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Revision history for Ariadne

Lifecycle for product support

Product support Lifecycle policy for Ariadne can be found here

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Version (December 19, 2017)

Production date: October 31, 2017

Version number overview:
Ariadne System:
External Booking Service:
Ariadne Database installer: 1.01.0000
Ariadne IUI:
Ariadne Scheduler Service:
Ariadne Sign Service:
Ariadne Database upgrade script: 2.6.53
Ariadne Data Synchronization Service:

  • Fixed 117787, 119193, 126959, 126962, 126965, 126966, 126967, 126968, 126977, 126980, 126983, 126986 : Run IUI with HTTPS (not digital signage screens)
  • Fixed 120404, 146679, 133998: User interface performance optimization
  • Fixed 120469: Playlist URL linking - Playlist usage when Ariadne screens and Ariadne GUI users are on two different subnets
  • Fixed 126954: Stylesheet - It is suspended when user save a new Styleset
  • Fixed 127275: Registration page can't display
  • Fixed 129785: In some cases, the background image not displayed on the Ariadne for Window software
  • Fixed 141299: Lost event on the schedule file for some customers
  • Fixed 144925: Can save event without assigning media on background object
  • Fixed 144933: Conflict message occurs between different layers
  • Fixed 144994, 145006, 146601: Cannot create two background objects on different time
  • Fixed 146699: New created event is a line although it does not save
  • Fixed 147091: Two events are assigned on the same sign and on one day
  • Fixed 147571: New event is loaded with incorrect UI
  • Fixed 147583, 150018, 146882, 133317, 146737,146822, 147031, 146712, 147109, 147130, 146107, 146673: Issues with recurring events
  • Fixed 150015: Incorrect media filtering on background tab
  • Fixed 99617, 119192, 119198, 137005, 145215, 147177: Minor bug changes

Version (December 21, 2016)

Version number overview:
Ariadne System:
External Booking Service:
Ariadne Database installer: 1.01.0000
Ariadne IUI:
Ariadne Scheduler Service:
Ariadne Sign Service:
Ariadne Database upgrade script: 2.6.50
Ariadne Data Synchronization Service:

  • Fixed 105281: Data Synchronization Service doesn’t synchronize data for other time zones than the local time zone of server.

Version (September 15, 2016)

Version number overview:
Ariadne System:
External Booking Service:
Ariadne Database installer: 1.01.0000
Ariadne IUI:
Ariadne Scheduler Service:
Ariadne Sign Service:
Ariadne Database upgrade script: 2.6.50
Ariadne Data Synchronization Service:

  • New 85749: Add the Ariadne System logo to the web page’s browser tab “favicon”.
  • Fixed 69495: Automatically Daylight savings configuration
  • Fixed 79405: Fixed error in the logo association

Version (March 17, 2016)

  • New 14391: Playlist redesign
  • New 14842: Optimize preview
  • New 14914: Changes of object in use must result in an update of the sign
  • New 14915 Ariadne logging timestamp
  • New 15037: Migrate the installer project from using InstallShield 2009 to InstallShield 2014
  • New 15791: Media user interface and workflow redesign
  • New 16414: Style-set editor improvements
  • New 16801, 55631: Make version of Ariadne server components and exe, dll files the same as Ariadne IUI versions
  • New 26638: Playlist file must not be updated by scheduler
  • New 39690: Silverlight components not updated in browser after an upgrade
  • New 40647: New login screen - with the possibility to display maintenance information and news
  • New 46843: Update document for Ariadne 3 IUI
  • New 50379: Move/change media event in time without losing media association
  • New 60680: Ariadne Sign Service default log level
  • New 61657: Include robots.txt in website to block search engines
  • Fixed 14797: Custom booking template for room-group
  • Fixed 14798: Scheduler Service installer cannot use DNS name
  • Fixed 14799: Ariadne Data Synchronization Manual - installer lacks log and database configuration
  • Fixed 14851: Logo incorrectly scaled in templates and preview.
  • Fixed 14912: Previews do not handle template z-index correctly
  • Fixed 61583: Saving a recurring event in the past has no effect on signs
  • Fixed 61650: Change logo association effect
  • Fixed 61652: Conflicting meetings not handled correctly
  • Fixed 61653: Cannot edit Video URL in media library
  • Removed: Support for SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2

Version (January 18, 2016)

  • Fixed 15583: Start date fields in templates not working
  • Fixed 15784: Logo and Pictograms was scaled out of proportions
  • Fixed 18307: Preview fails to display meetings
  • Fixed 18356: Import errors with duplicated events
  • Fixed 18403: Recurrence selection difficult
  • Fixed 18407: Preview scales images incorrectly when in URL's
  • Fixed 36518: Booking object fields for the same sign in two events
  • Fixed 36706: When booking a second media event to the same layer and time, availability of stylesheet is unclear
  • Fixed 36758: Cannot move a media event in time
  • Fixed 45003: Moving an event from today not updated in signs.
  • Fixed 46456: XML meeting imports do not always trigger wayfinding output
  • Fixed 46862: Screen refresh during XML import
  • Fixed 50357: Error when change date of Guest Event
  • Fixed 50532: Convert setup file from Install Shield 2009 to Install Shield 2014
  • Fixed 52282: System has some issues when upgrading new versions
  • Fixed 53117: Cannot upgrade Ariadne Sign Service from to

Version (September 9, 2014)

  • New 6877: Preview of images in media tab and sub tabs
  • New 7108: Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • New 7109: Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • New 7110: Cleanup media functionality
  • New 11075: Default Wayfinding Roll on
  • Fix 11076: Meetings missing in preview

Version (November 1, 2013)

  • New: Preview contents from digital signs
  • Fix: Delete media will not delete media that is associated with media events
  • Fix: Move meeting from one room to another.
  • Fix: Print bookings does not sort by date
  • Fix: Editor, delete button deletes whole text object in stead of selected text.
  • Fix: Editor, text is not automatically wrapped when the user writes a long text
  • Fix: Editor save dialog must allow to save on top of existing image
  • Fix: Ariadne Sign Server generates large amount of trace logs
  • Fix: License file update resets the sign selection

Version (July 13, 2012)

  • New: Media preview functionality on media sub-tab - asset names are now displayed as part of the preview field in the media sub-tab
  • Fix: Web frontend now supports Internet Explorer 9
  • Fix: Installer error on Windows 2008 R2

Version (December 14, 2011)

  • Fix: Sign Tab time out at large customers
  • Fix: Print function for meetings over multiple days
  • Fix: IIS performance issue

Version (November 24, 2011)

  • New: Recurring events, Ariadne IUI now allows
    • To delete a single booking in a series of recurring events
    • To choose End Date for a recurring event
    • To choose unlimited recurring events (room booking)
  • New: Now possible to create meeting that extend over multiple days.
  • New: IUI gives a warning if a resource is not available for recurring booking
  • New: Support of PC-Signs as well as Modulex Signs
  • New: Support booking event with information written in Arabic characters
  • New: Improved DB indexing included
  • Fix: Performance of loading Sign tab has been improved
  • Fix: Line break in IUI editor now possible
  • Fix: Calendar sometimes disappeared
  • Fix: Scheduler service now installed with leading http://

Version (June 1, 2011)

  • New: Norwegian and Swedish available for the booking interface
  • New: Editor can save images in editable format
  • New: Media events can be created back to back
  • New: More Microsoft Windows® Server platforms supported (lookup the Install Guide)
  • New: Loading animation included in booking interface
  • New: Passed the official Microsoft Windows® Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 platform tests
  • Fix: Sign tab and background performance improved
  • Fix: Font selection in editor now match the fonts assigned to the customer
  • Fix: Sign information was hidden in the Sign Information area (customers with many signs)
  • Fix: Message now displayed correctly on the signs for multiple booking
  • Fix: Sync service removed layout events for UK, and US west coast customers
  • Fix: Once a month schedule files for all customers were empty
  • Fix: Some Ariadne2 -> Ariadne3 migration issues were solved

Version (November 24, 2010)

  • New: Allow to replace an existing image in the media library
  • New: Verify if the customer exists or not before registering a sign
  • New: Include a link to Ariadne revision history in the Ariadne menu
  • New: Access rights to rooms and signs
  • New: Add –HH:mm format to default date/time when creating a new customer
  • New: Host name field added to Installer
  • Update: Improved Design Preview
  • Update: Ariadne2 -> Ariadne3 migration tool now includes signs, sign info and playlists in migrated material
  • Update: Remove media sub tab under Event, Guest and Room main tabs
  • Update: Improve the performance on Background tab
  • Update: Default background missing when creating background event without assigning image or color
  • Update: Text lines shown as line break on signs
  • Update: Message not shown on the signs, if the background stops before the message stops
  • Update: Expanding space for note field in Print Booking

Version (September 29, 2010)

  • New: Event start and end time can be typed in manually
  • New: Flemish language included
  • Update: A few special bookings from external booking files were not visible in the user interface
  • Update: Print bookings sometimes exceeded page width
  • Update: Some objects couldn’t be deleted in the image editor
  • Update: Some unlimited recurrences stopped

Version (August 6, 2010)

  • New: Way Finding, Visitor and Room template editors now included
  • New: Print Bookings
  • Update: Copy event
  • Update: Unlimited recurring background stopped for certain external bookings
  • Update: Sorting rooms
  • Update: Could not load .gif and .jpeg pictograms

Version (June 17, 2010)

  • New: Ariadne2 -> Ariadne3 migration tool included
  • New: Preview included
  • Update: Media library sorting
  • Update: Local admin language wrong
  • Update: Could not import .mgp and .mov files to the media library

Version (March 18, 2010)

  • New: Recurring events supported
  • New: Export and import customer available for administrator
  • New: External booking supported
  • Update: Improved logging
  • Update: Revised graphical appearance

Version (December 14, 2009)

  • New: XML file format documented for 3rd party developers
  • Update: Installer improved

Version (November 3, 2009)

  • New: Multilanguage support

Version (September 15, 2009)

  • Initial release