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KB0044 - Method Name:GetDateFromUSDateString is not recognized as a valid DateTime



Symptom of the issue is: when user selects a certain day in the calendar in Backend, the data of today is loaded instead of the selected date.

If you check the logs, there is an error message saying:

Method Name:GetDateFromUSDateString

Stack Trace:   at System.DateTimeParse.Parse(String s, DateTimeFormatInfo dtfi, DateTimeStyles styles)

   at System.Convert.ToDateTime(String value, IFormatProvider provider)

   at AOP.RC.Common.Utils.GetDateFromUSDateString(String date)

Error Message:The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime. There is a unknown word starting at index 0.



RC web back-end interface contains 2 parts:

-  The left part: which has navigator tabs like Daily Tasks, Desinger,..

-  The right part: It is actually an iframe container.

When user goes to Daily Tasks - > Messages for example, The MessageSummary.aspx file will pass a string value which represents for the selected date to the RCGrid user control which located in the right iframe. It is expected that this string value is under the en-US date time format (mm/dd/yyyy).

In the iframe, it has to convert this value back to datetime. So, if the datetime is not en-US format, this error will occur.



To fix this issue temporarily, user should change the preferred language of Internet Explorer to English (US).



Applies to: RC 3.7 HF1

Fixed in: RC 3.8

Reference: TFS #6224

Knowledge base ID: 0044

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016