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Knowledgebase: Digital Sign Service
Revision history for Digital Sign Service

Lifecycle for product support

Product support Lifecycle policy for Digital Sign Service can be found here

Concerning supported platforms

Here at Add-On Products we value our customers and want to make sure that your purchased product works properly and is covered with the maintenance you need.

Add-On Products follow the Microsoft Support Lifecycle, which means that platforms fall out of support over time. However, If you use a Microsoft platform product which has lost its mainstream support, we want to make sure you are aware that it may still be possible to include these in your maintenance program.

In case you are using a Microsoft platform products, which are out of mainstream support, you will need to purchase extra coverage to include these in your maintenance agreement. Please contact your reseller or us directly for extended support pricing.

Version (January 9, 2019)

Production date: December 28, 2018

  • Support for HTTPS protocol between server and Client (require DSS Client app version 3.02.3006 or newer)
    183446, 185601, 180474, 157253, 185676, 185607, 185609, 185780 New
  • Upgrade and installation issues has been updated
    174702, 170691 Fixed
  • Wrong start and end time in schedule file in case of Daylight saving and other time zones issues has been fixed
    166378, 169403 Fixed
  • General performance improvements and bug fixes
    170612, 172921, 185629, 185709 Fixed


Version (March 28, 2018)

Production date: March 6, 2018

  • Schedule files periodically missing
    155233 Fixed
  • Add new services for retrieving server time zone, server version for compatibility with new upcoming Digital Sign Service Client (Android, iOS and Windows)
    157007 Fixed
  • Cannot get domain name and email on Network configuration when working with Office 365 on a machine on Windows Azure
    157265 Fixed
  • Instant booking stops working after migration to Office 365
    157929 Fixed
  • Error “The restriction or sort order is too complex for this operation” when reading data from Exchange Server
    161468 Fixed


Version (September 4, 2017)

Production date: July 11, 2017

  • Support for Windows Server 2016
    137129 New
  • Backup configuration for support case
    135840 New
  • Replace Installation Certificate on package
    114321 New
  • Apply Paging when searching for resources in case of O365
    120477 Fixed
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to performance and stability
    120517, 133369, 136552 Fixed
  • Status of the last sync for each resource
    128954 Fixed
  • Status monitor is not always updated
    132193 Fixed
  • Global error when right click to choose Manage I-Sign
    135850 Fixed
  • Incorrect count of appointments
    135920, 135847, 135861, 135855 Fixed
  • Format hour is not consistent
    135935 Fixed
  • Update User Guide
    135951 Fixed
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 support (Extended Support available please contact Add-On Products for Pricing)
    137129 Removed
  • Windows 2008 (R2) support (Extended Support available please contact Add-On Products for Pricing)
    137129 Removed


Version (December 21, 2016)

  • Remove resources from selected list if no long available
    New 96470
  • 96471, 96472, 102003: improved user interface for selected resources (Sorting on Status, windows scaling)
    New 73069
  • Validation of Schedule and Event file after creating
    Fixed 96473, 100415,100659
  • Optimize service startup
    Fixed 96582
  • 404 Error page return when clicking on Support Site
    Fixed 102020
  • Default web site in IIS is removed when uninstalling Digital Sign Service Server
    Fixed 102054
  • Incorrect number of resources in the status bar after removing resource without email
    Fixed 100367
  • minor bug fixing in regards to Office 365 integration
    Fixed 98476, 100607, 104852
  • Upgrade and installation issues
    Fixed 101961, 104851
  • Customer related issues has been fixed
    Fixed 80875, 95520, 97977, 97986, 104853

Version (May 27, 2016)

  • Display organizer in Ariadne output
    New 31739
  • Default values when setting up the i-Signs has been changed
    New 47877
  • Digital Signs cliens for iOS now support Background images
    New 47878
  • Edit multi resources, overwrite all fields
    New 50539
  • Better performance when accessing Exchange Server
    New 50573
  • If Digital Signs Service Clients end a meeting before it is startet then server will remove the meeting from resource calender.
    New 50590
  • View room status / Check access to resource calendar
    New 52211; 57277
  • Improve logging/Listen to changes from AD
    New 57309
  • Support for Exchange Server 2016
    New 58755
  • XML Encoding is now default UTF-8
    New 61664
  • Windows service slow startup
    Fixed 50481
  • Corrupted userdata config files
    Fixed 60603
  • Application doesn't keep configuration although user didn't remove it when uninstall
    Fixed 71431
  • Remove "Template Name" field of all output, i-sign, digtal sign and Ariadne
    Fixed 71513
  • Duplicate appointment occurs on Ariadne\Digital Signs\I-Signs xml files with recuring appointment
    Fixed 72976
  • Cannot update the subject of private appointment in xml file
    Fixed 73031
  • Exchange Online: The server cannot service this request right now. Try again later.
    Fixed 76232
  • Various small issues has been fixed
    Fixed 28950; 33603; 34957; 37924; 42264; 46326; 57275; 69003; 69007; 69008; 69164; 69166; 69170; 69195; 69200; 69201; 69517; 71478; 71488; 71505; 71517; 71643; 72989; 73051; 73085; 74084; 74420; 75672
  • Installation and User guide has been revised
    Updated 44965; 58764; 76264

Version (April 10, 2015)

  • Review and convert Knowledge base articles
    New 18511; 15315
  • Exchange Online (Office 365) Support improved
    New 18515; 19865; 21594
  • Server only generate one Event file for multiple room accounts
    Fixed 17414
  • Other issues
    Fixed 18129; 18453; 18963; 19036; 19128; 19568; 19618; 19641; 20517; 27206; 27832
  • Cleanup temp data
    Fixed 18454
  • Logging functionality has been revised
    Fixed 18455
  • Uninstallation issues has been corrected
    Fixed 18457
  • Avoid setting background image on iPad and Android signs
    Fixed 18510; 19618; 19641
  • Service cannot be started from Digital Sign Manager due to missing log fil
    Fixed 18519
  • Configuration problems
    Fixed 19086
  • New license model, to distinct between different type of Digital Signage type
    Fixed 19568
  • Incorrect filter when combination time, weekday, private and categories
    Fixed 27481; 27636; 27747; 27750; 28058

Version (September 29, 2014)

  • Turn your Android tablet into an interactive meeting room sign with integration to Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Exchange
  • License distinguish between Ariadne and Door signs
    New 7479
  • Upgrade .NET framework of DSS from 3.5 to 4.5.1
    New 7482
  • Support for Windows Server 2012
    New 7496
  • Compatible with Windows Azure AD users and groups
    New 7503
  • Separate the Save and Test functions
    New 7504
  • Support for Exchange Server 2013
    New 7665
  • Support for adding background image from server side to Digital Sign Service for Windows based signs
    New 8872
  • Need a scroll bar to be able to read all information inside Digital Sign Service Manager on small screens
    New 12106
  • User interface has been updated in DSS Manager
    New 12107
  • Open properties, now put the account name into the windows title
    New 14282
  • Support for Exchange Online (Office 365)
    New 14559
  • Timezone issue has been fixed (Encoding now default UTF-8)
    Fixed 8604
  • Uninstall Digital Sign Service, now configuration folder will be removed
    Fixed 8774
  • Default settings has been adjusted
    Fixed 8776
  • Status not always correctly show Digital Sign Service Manager
    Fixed 11085
  • Icon on taskbar is wrongly displayed when first time use.
    Fixed 11286
  • State (enable/disable) of toolbar functions not always correct.
    Fixed 12108

Version (September 17, 2012)

  • iPad can now be used as an interactive door sign, where the user can book instant meetings and do other meeting administration.
  • iPad time zone must be the same as the Exchange Server time zone.

Version (July 6, 2012)

  • DSS now supports a new range of digital signs: Any sign which is powered by Windows 7, can be used as an interactive door sign, where the user can book instant meetings and do other meeting administration.

Version (May 7, 2012)

  • Can include meeting organizer information for Ariadne/eFlex signs.

Version (March 20, 2012)

  • Utilizing Auto Discover (Client Access Server - CAS) in complex Exchange 2007 and 2010 environments to find Exchange Mail boxes
  • Power-down/Power-up for environments with 12-hour clock

Version (February 29, 2012)

  • Compatible with German Windows Server.

Version (January 6, 2012)

Upgrade instruction from version,,, and to version ( upgrade from other versions: Please contact our Technical Support.)
1. Stop the Digital Sign Windows Service (push the Stop button in the DSS Manager)
2. Exit/close the Digital Sign Manager software
3. Install the new version

  • When upgrading Room Name is not owerwritten by the installer anymore.

Version (October 31, 2011)

Upgrade instruction from version,, to version ( upgrade from other versions: Please contact our Technical Support.)
1. Stop the Digital Sign Windows Service (push the Stop button in the DSS Manager)
2. Exit/close the Digital Sign Manager software
3. Install the new version

  • Supports Modulex I-Sign and FV-Sign Power-up and Power-down
  • Support Georgian characters on Modulex I-Signs and FV-Signs, Requires Georgian firmware character map in the sign
  • Possible to overrule default Exchange calendar display name
  • Possible to show meeting organizer on Modulex I-Signs and FV-Signs
  • Event file now generated on demand on I-Signs
  • Some texts in the I-Sign menu could not be localized
  • Sometimes a “?” was shown as a valid menu option on the I-Sign
  • Faster Active Directory loading from DSS Manager
  • Web-service now running on port 80 by default
  • Possible to remove “Default” as the Default Subject in I-Signs
  • Book, extend, end features enabled by default for I-Sign accounts
  • Status bar did not run after DSS Manager re-start
  • Appointments booked at I-signs will now have organizer included in the booking in Exchange
  • Modulex I-Signs and FV signs now able to display a wider variety of characters (requires 4.9.1 sign firmware)

Version (April 29, 2011)

  • Questions & Answers document updated with hints about localisation Lookup 
  • Localisation of I-sign menu texts

Version (March 14, 2011)

  • DSS now obtain the host name for the schedule files in this order off priority: a) config.ini; b) web site binding setting; c) server name, where IIS is installed.
  • Tag in config.ini is "HostNameForScheduleFile"
  • Progress bar when reading groups from exchange
  • DSS setup Questions & Answers document available for download from
  • DSS now obtain the host name for the I-Sign menu files in this order of priority: c) config.ini, b) server name, where IIS is installed. The tag in config.ini is "HostNameInfo"
  • DigitalSign: Schedule file is generated with correct host name if using Overrule Display Name
  • Now possible to enter unique meeting titles for each sign individually
  • Status information is reflecting the number of accounts beeing read
  • DSS hang on when click re-start button
  • Possibility to delete Default Subject. Work arround to be found in the "Open Issues" document on
    Not Fixed

Version (January 6, 2011)

  • Migration note version -> available in knowledge base
  • Overrule Exchange Display name now possible within the DSS application
  • Event and menu files for I-signs are now generated when user click "start" button
  • User Guide updated with Questions and Answers section
  • Support site now accessable from the top left icon in the DSS application
  • Uninstall - option to keep or remove configuration files implemented
  • Software now creates Virtual Directory correctly
  • Status bar now also running on 64bit server
  • Access rights to output directorty now working correctly
  • Possibility to create I-Sign meeting titles for each individual sign
    Not fixed

Version (October 26, 2010)

  • Book, extend and end meetings in Exchange/Outlook® by use of a touch screen
  • Support for Modulex Interactive 10” signs (I-signs)
  • Enhanced User Interface in the Digital Sign Manager software
  • User Guide restructured for faster software setup

Version (June 30, 2010)

  • Disable the "Confirm Meeting" feature when selecting multiple users
  • Parse email address independent of Display Name - even if it contains characters '(', ')'
  • Select all groups/users now possible 

Version (March 19, 2010)

  • In some occasions appointments were truncated
  • A certain FTP server did not support the backslash in the ftp address
  • A limitation on the number of calendar groups is removed

Version (October 30, 2009)

  • Initial release