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KB0047 - Last occurrence of recurring appointment is not read in Exchange 2007/2010



Symptom of the issue is: when you book a recurring appointment, the recurring appointment displays correctly except for the last time/week when it is happening.

For example:

Create recurring appointment with such recurrence pattern:

-          Start date - 4 November 2013

-          End date - 25 November 2013

-          Recurrence type - weekly on Monday and Tuesday, every 2 weeks, i.e the last day the appointment take places is Tuesday (19 November 2013)

As a result in outlook/owa there will be available 4 appointments.

Then try to load appointments using Exchange Web Service - only 3 appointments will be possible to load.



Last occurrence is incorrect in some situations in Exchange 2007 and 2010, though NOT in Exchange2013.



To fix this issue temporarily, user should set the End date of the recurring appointment on the date that the last occurrence takes places.

Take the above example as illustration, the solution is to set the End date of the recurring appointment on 19 November 2013 (when the last occurrence takes places).

Another option is to upgrade to Exchange 2013. Microsoft has confirmed this bug, and it has been corrected in Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft does not intend to fix this in neither Exchange Server 2007 nor 2010.



Applies to: RTS; Exchange 2007

Fixed in: Exchange 2013

Reference: TFS #1668

Knowledge base ID: 0047

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016