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Knowledgebase: Resource Central
KB0121 - How to display and configure notification message when organizer selects a restricted resource



Display the message

In order to display the notification message for a resource selected by organizer, follow these steps:

1. In Admin interface, open the resource (for which you want the message to be displayed when organizer selects) to see its details:

2. In resource details, check on “Display user restrictions” option.

3. Click [Save] to finish.

After that, if organizer selects this resource when booking an appointment, a message appears as shown in the figure below:

Configure the message

In order to configure the notification message, follow these steps:

1. Go to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the database.

2. Create a new query with the database.

3. In order to view the current value of this message in English, run the following SQL script:

FROM Captions C
WHERE C.[Key] LIKE '@NotificationMsg'

The result might look like this:

4. In order to view the current values in other languages, run the following script:

FROM Translations T INNER JOIN Captions C ON T.ObjectId = C.Id
WHERE C.[Key] LIKE '@NotificationMsg' AND T.ObjectName LIKE 'Captions'

The result might look like this:

5. In order to update the content of this message:

⇒ In English:

Run the following script:

UPDATE Captions
SET Name = N'<your message content here>'
WHERE [Key] LIKE '@NotificationMsg'

⇒ In other language:

UPDATE Translations
SET Caption = N'your message content here'
FROM Translations T INNER JOIN Captions C ON T.ObjectId = C.Id
AND T.ObjectName LIKE 'Captions'
AND T.[Language] = '<your language code>'

In which, <your language code> is one of the values you see in the language column in figure shown in step 4.



Applies to: RC 3.7.10

Fixed in: From RC 3.8 such text changes can be done under the Languages section in RC back-end.

Reference: TFS #15179

Knowledge base ID: 0121

Last updated: Apr 11, 2016