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Knowledgebase: Resource Central
KB0128 - Behavior of Order status and Consumed Quantities



Starting with RC 3.7.10 Hotfix 3, Resource Central will be behaving differently in two areas compared to earlier RC revisions:

-           Order Status

-           Consumed Quantity

This information can be important for your catering staff if they are using the status on the orders to manage them. Typically this is used if you have an export for invoicing purposes. In this case the field “Consumed Quantity” functionality is also convenient.

1. Order Status

In the previous versions the order lines would show the upcoming status when the service provider open the order in RC. This status would then be applied to the order lines when clicking [Send].

In this version RC will display the status that the order lines currently have. The service provider can then change the status in the drop-down boxes. The new status (and other changes) are saved when clicking [Send].

2. Consumed Quantity

In the previous RC versions the field “Consumed Quantity” would appear after the status was changed to Arranged.

In this version RC will display the “Consumed Quantity” field when an order is opened by the service provider after the meeting has started. If the status is set to Arranged before the meeting starts, the Consumed Quantity field is also displayed.

If the status is Transferred or Locked, the field is not editable.



Applies to: RC 3.7.10 Hotfix 3

Reference: TFS #18384

Knowledge base ID: 0128

Last updated: Feb 23, 2016